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I am already DBA, having 5+ years experience. Looking for exponential growth, what should i do ?

Irrespective of experience in Database administration, multiple database skills have become mandatory to grow from your current level. If you are Oracle DBA you can not ignore SQL DBA, MySQL DBA, Postresql DBA, Cassandra, Mongo DBA skills. Your DBA skills must include structured and unstructured DB knowledge which can leverage big
size industries as well as mid or small size.

Multiple DBA skills gives you advantages in

  • Foreign migration (Early opportunity to get settled with multiple DB skills irrespective of your geolocation). One of our Oracle DBA migrated to Canada and was in Brampton (Toronto) where he found more SQL DBA opportunities. He took online classes for SQL DBA with us to tap those opportunities. He would have done this earlier if he had known this when in India.
  • Freedom of relocation (You become confident that with your multiple db skills you will survive anywhere)
  • Rare skills consideration (very few candidates have multiple db skills, your profile attracts lots of views because you can work and handle multiple Databases hence your employer does not have to hire multiple DBAs to admin multiple databases. For example : 10+ years experience DBA ask for 13 to 15 Lakhs + package but same person with multiple DB skills can earn 20+ lakhs or more package.) We at ITS, remain witness of such case studies in India itself.
  • If you do not want to change job and location due to family constraint, you can take freelance assignment after job hours or weekend to have extra income. Multiple DB skills can get you more opportunities.
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