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Data Analytics future

India has the highest number of data analytics jobs after the United States. Any Data related job is in more demand. Data analyst domain is still in early stage and rapid growth is expected in coming years. Data Analyst job growth forecast till 2024 is 34%. An estimated 2.7 million job postings for Data Analytics and Science are predicted in the United States by 2020. India is estimated to contribute 10% jobs related to Data. India has seen 400% raise in data science jobs in recent years. Most data science and analytics jobs in India accounts for 27% of all such roles. More than 76000 jobs related to data analytics data science are vacant in India. There are a number of startups and big players that require data analysts in a large number. These companies are even offering good pay to fresh recruits. With knowledge of excel, advance excel, excel VBA, Sql, Plsql, Big data Hadoop, R, Python one can have early break through and eligible for max job opportunities. Please follow and like... read more

Going for BS in computer science to USA, Canada, Australia?

Number of students are increasing to pursue computer graduation abroad. For computer / information technology USA, Canada, Australia are among favorite countries for Bachelors as well as masters programs across students communities in India. Many students approaches us to verify which course contents are good to get them right decision to enroll and to choose right college or university in USA, Canada or Australia for computer science. In a BS computer science, parents must check contents of the course not only college or university name while taking final decision.  We have observed that initial 4 semesters are including Basic Programming (C), Object oriented programming (C++, Python) , Relational Database (SQL), Scripting (Java script), Java fundamentals kind of subjects. Out of 8 semester of BS program, first 4 semesters have nothing extraordinary to learn but, if you think value of investment you realize that you are paying almost 25 lakhs to 50 lakhs Rupees for these first 4 semesters. Point to understand here is, when you invest @ 50 Lakhs for first 4 semesters fees, have your son or daughter done enough foundation preparation to understand and digest what these foreign universities are going to taught before getting admitted ? Generally answer is big NO.  Irrespective of school or education board, major parents do not emphasis on computer courses during higher secondary education for their children. If students are well prepared or have gone through these courses during higher secondary education along with other school subjects, will be very much confident to kick start their graduation without any problem of understanding and can easily settle down abroad. One can not neglect value of... read more

Do not like programming ?

Do not like programming ? 70% or more college students do not like programming or coding career? Possible career options for them are Business Analyst, Software Testing, Networking, System Administrator, Database Administration and Database Developer. Database Administration can be a good career option compare to other options in terms of growth. College students hardly knows about DBA as career option. DBA career requires little coding or scripting base programming skills for automation of DBA tasks, ie. not too much coding.  DBA Task includes Database monitoring, health check, Backup strategies, Performance Tuning, Availability, Recovery, Replication, Automation, Capacity planning etc.  DBAs are getting good salaries worldwide.  At ITS, we are expert DBA team and having 15+ years experience in DBA training and 10+ years experience in supporting live databases. Please follow and like... read more

Looking for Growth as DBA ?

I am already DBA, having 5+ years experience. Looking for exponential growth, what should i do ? Irrespective of experience in Database administration, multiple database skills have become mandatory to grow from your current level. If you are Oracle DBA you can not ignore SQL DBA, MySQL DBA, Postresql DBA, Cassandra, Mongo DBA skills. Your DBA skills must include structured and unstructured DB knowledge which can leverage big size industries as well as mid or small size. Multiple DBA skills gives you advantages in Foreign migration (Early opportunity to get settled with multiple DB skills irrespective of your geolocation). One of our Oracle DBA migrated to Canada and was in Brampton (Toronto) where he found more SQL DBA opportunities. He took online classes for SQL DBA with us to tap those opportunities. He would have done this earlier if he had known this when in India. Freedom of relocation (You become confident that with your multiple db skills you will survive anywhere) Rare skills consideration (very few candidates have multiple db skills, your profile attracts lots of views because you can work and handle multiple Databases hence your employer does not have to hire multiple DBAs to admin multiple databases. For example : 10+ years experience DBA ask for 13 to 15 Lakhs + package but same person with multiple DB skills can earn 20+ lakhs or more package.) We at ITS, remain witness of such case studies in India itself. If you do not want to change job and location due to family constraint, you can take freelance assignment after job hours or weekend to have extra income.... read more

Why should you invest in certification?

Why Certifications ? OR How certifications help in IT career ? Many students and professionals asks why they should invest in certification? From my 16 years experience with Oracle University i have found following 4 solid reasons to have certifications. 1) Certification helps many candidates in positive consideration during technical or hr interview process. (Today, one of our candidate selected at TCS for fresher position where his Java OCA certificate was appreciated. Candidate confirmed that his certification was given attention during his technical interview. 2) Many students are migrating to other countries for higher studies. Our student who enrolled for Course at one of the Canadian University recently was given credit against her DBA certifications as her major was Database related. 3) During campus interview at College, if you have earn certification priorly then, you can have choices to select job in your subject of interest rather then what employer is offering to you. For example, if you have earned Java certification, you can have bright chances to get Java project related assignment instead of .NET. 4) Multinationals and now leading software companies also give priorities to select certified students or professionals to have advantage in technical bid evaluation during tender process. International and government tender bids generally ask for better technical expertise to become qualify for tender / bid. I have seen many MNCs who do full or partial reimbursement of certification fees to their employees. Please follow and like... read more

SQL knowledge helps in many job roles

Structure Query Language (SQL) is most trending course due to demand in multiple job roles. Looking for early job then SQL must be in your learning list. SQL knowledge helps in following job roles Tech support MIS SQL Developer Data Analyst Data Warehouse / ETL PL/SQL developer BI Developer Business Analyst Data Science .NET , Java, PHP, Apex developer (Back end knowledge) Database Administrator Database Developer Research Analyst   Please follow and like... read more

Job interview and Excuses

Funny / immature Excuses from job seekers (mainly fresher students) having lack of confidence when technical interview to be faced. (These are real experiences and not to hurt anyone feelings) 1) I am not prepared, i need 2-3 days more to appear in interview. Will they postpone my interview for 2-3 days ? If you are not prepared then why you sent CV to company ? And why are you not prepared ? Who stopped you in preparation ? 2) Company is not proper, This company frequently conduct interviews so i do not feel to appear for interview. Without knowing company’s in and out or on basis of what you heard from someone, you can not be judge mental. Major employees remain unhappy about company where they are working hence you may hear unfavorable things, better appear for interview, check work profile and then decide. 3) I am staying out of Ahmedabad hence can not remain present with such a short notice for interview. Applying date and interview date has always manageable gap. From all over Gujarat you can reach to Ahmedabad within night journey, if you really wish to attend the interview. 4) Starting salary is 10000/- which is very less, Uber drivers are earning more than this per month. Uber driver will not be able to earn 5,10 to 15 lakhs package per year after 5 to 10 years experience. 5) I am going out of country after 1 year hence can not meet bond requirement from employer. If VISA is done and date is fixed for departure then this is okay. If departure date is flexible then... read more

Oracle Java freshers jobs Ahmedabad

7-Sep-2018 We have received freshers jobs opportunities from local Ahmedabad companies for following positions Oracle Admin : Skills requires : Oracle SQL, PLSQL  Total 3 positions (2 for female, 1 male) Company  : Core Banking Solutions provider, Job Location : Ahmedabad Oracle PL/SQL Developer : Oracle SQL, Pl/SQL – 1 position Company  : Enterprise Software solutions, Job Location : Ahmedabad Java Developer : Skills requires : Core Java, J2EE, Spring framework, Jasper reporting tool Company  : Enterprise Software solutions, Job Location : Ahmedabad Forward to your friend / colleague who are interested. Kindly please do it today All are required to send CV at hr@itsahmedabad.com Please follow and like... read more

Most demanding IT skills for abroad IT students

Most demanding IT skills in USA, Canada, Australia among computer science students community. SQL, JAVA, Python, Bigdata Hadoop, Cloud and DBA are most demanding skills among computer science undergraduates and graduates who are studying or planning to study in USA or Canada. As on date more than 32000 jobs alone seen in JAVA, 25000 Jobs requires python knowledge, 35000+ jobs requires SQL knowledge, 5000+ jobs asking for Bigdata Hadoop skills.30000+ jobs asking for cloud (AWS/Oracle) and 15000+ jobs for DBAs in USA / Canada Skills on above will help not only in graduation or masters but in Optional practical training (OPT) period of 1 or 2 years as per F1 status rule (USA) after graduation. Please follow and like... read more

Switching Job

“I am having 3+ years experience in “x” job, I am looking for change to ‘Y” job. What should i do ?” Case Study : Mahesh (dummy name) is computer engineer and having 3+ years experience in Tech support job and current CTC is 3.6 Lakh. He wants to switch due to following reasons 1) He is working in shift. 2) He does not see growth from this point onward. 3) Work is not challenging and become monotonous. 4) He feels that he does not require BE computer degree for this job. 5) What will be challenges in switching to other better IT job ? 6) He is ready to learn new skills for new job but he can not leave current job due to financial responsibility. In above scenario what Mahesh can do ? Think on following 1) Which jobs you are looking at ? 2) Do you have skills required for those jobs ? 3) What is your current CTC in X Job ? What CTC you expect when switch to “y” Job? 4) If you do not switch now what would be your CTC after another 3 to 5 years in same job ? “Mahesh is thinking in right direction that working in shift in always challenging and not easy so it is one of the most valid reason to switch to regular timing job. It is seen that in general Tech support jobs can offer @ 5 to 6 lakhs package for 6 to 7 years experience person. Mahesh is having 3 years experience and 3.6 lakh  package. That means if he continue with same job he... read more

Oracle DBA vs Oracle Developer

Many college students and working professionals are confused about what to choose Oracle DBA or Oracle Developer as a career. Read all three points below. 1) Check what you like ? Do you like programming then go for Oracle Developer and if you do not like programming much then go for DBA. Remember little coding / scripting knowledge is must for DBAs too for writing scripts for automation, alerts etc. Any IT fresher must know how to write program. 2) Second important point is to check job role of DBA and Developer below. Understand tasks what DBAs and Developers do. By understanding tasks one can easily understand about what is best fit for him / her. Oracle DBA Tasks Task of DBA Monitoring Health check of DB Performance Tuning Backup Recovery High Availability Cloud Management Patching Proactive and Reactive Maintenance Documentations DBA Challenges : 24×7 DB responsibility Mutilple DB and OS knowledge First direct DBA job is not easy DBA Advantages : More average salary Remote Work lead DBA / Architect Oracle Developer Tasks System study Requirement gatherings Application Development Application Debug Testing Deployment support Documentations Challenges : Freezing customer requirements Upgrading frequently High Attrition rate hence responsibilities to complete project in time Advantages Developers jobs are more compared to DBA jobs Sr Developer T/L Product / solutions Architect 3) If you are looking for salary, go for DBA. It has been seen that Oracle DBAs are getting better paid then Oracle Developer   Please follow and like... read more

looking for job as a fresher in IT ?

IT Freshers are in biased mind that they will not get good opportunities or jobs after graduation hence major of them planning for abroad without knowing right approach to get good opportunities in India. When we plan to get VISA for any country, we have to fulfill what all required to get those VISA but we hardly care what employers / jobs are asking in a skill set. Please follow and like... read more

Why school students should not ignore computer syllabus ?

Importance of computer education of school syllabus, has gradually realized by Parents in Gujarat. Computer subjects of school syllabus can not be ignored. Generally parents and students ignore computer syllabus during school and choose subject like Physical education in board exam due to high scoring subject. Hence “C” programming which comes in 9th or 10th standard syllabus of Gujarat board learnt by students later when they do graduation. Gujarati parents have to change their perspective of marks but have to choose right education for future prospects. Advantages if computer syllabus of school is learnt properly. 1) Foundation : Computer syllabus of school gives you foundation for future career prospects irrespective of discipline or branch you pursue later. 2) Application of IT knowledge : Almost all jobs or business now are now IT enabled. Computer learning is not just restricted to computer science or information technology diploma, degree courses, but integrated with all engineering, Research, Retail, Logistic, Realty, Banking, Finance, Aviation, FMCG, Manufacturing OR any other field you name it. 3) Help in interest Check and hence Goal Establishment : We have seen that major students remain confused about future career and not able to decide what they want to do. This can be overcome if students find their interest. To find the interest, every student has to study foundation courses in computers and confirm with self that which subject they really like. For example, in a 10th standard, students come across many subject like physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Biology etc. If they like Biology they choose “B” group and if they like Mathematics, they choose “A” group. Similarly in IT or Computer it is... read more