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Oracle 12c DBA Training

ITS is Oracle Authorised WDP Partner, Participant will get Oracle Official ekits, course completion certificates from Oracle University.

As a authorised Workforce Development program (WDP) of Oracle University in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India ITS’ offers Oracle DBA OCP certification. For Oracle DBA OCA, Oracle DBA OCP, Oracle DBA OCM and Oracle exam vouchers contact +919879558787, +919825306119

Live classroom and Online training options :

Apart from live classroom, ITS offers oracle database online course with instructor led training.

Oracle 12c DBA Training : (OCA / OCP)

Oracle database is having maximum market share compared to other databases. 97% of Global Fortune 500 companies using Oracle software . It stands number one when performance and security measures are compared among frontline databases. DBAs are getting better salary, life style and job security.
Oracle DBA certification demand - 2016
Student Benefits

  • Oracle License Ekit from Oracle university
  • Course completion certificate from Oracle University

Oracle 12c : SQL Workshop I – 40 hours

  • Introduction
  • Retrieving Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
  • Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
  • Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins
  • Using Subqueries to Solve Queries
  • Using the SET Operators
  • Managing Tables using DML statements
  • Introduction to Data Definition Language
  • Introduction to Data Dictionary Views
  • Creating Sequences
  • Synonyms
  • Indexes
  • Creating Views
  • Managing Schema Objects
  • Retrieving Data by Using Subqueries
  • Manipulating Data by Using Subqueries
  • Controlling User Access
  • Manipulating Data
  • Managing Data in Different Time Zones
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Oracle Database 12c Admin, Install & Upgrade Accelerated

  • Introduction
  • Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
  • Oracle Software Installation Basics
  • Installing Oracle Database Software
  • Creating an Oracle Database by Using DBCA
  • Oracle Database Management Tools
  • Managing the Database Instance
  • Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
  • Administering User Security
  • Managing Database Storage Structures
  • Managing Space
  • Managing Undo Data
  • Managing Data Concurrency
  • Implementing Oracle Database Auditing
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts
  • Backup and Recovery Configuration
  • Performing Database Backups
  • Performing Database Recovery
  • Moving Data
  • Performing Database Maintenance
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Performance: SQL Tuning
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Oracle Database 12c Backup & Recovery Workshop

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Configuring for Recoverablility
  • Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog
  • Backup Strategies and Terminology
  • Performing Backups
  • Improving Your Backups
  • Using RMAN-Encrypted Backups
  • Diagnosing Database Failures
  • Restore and Recovery Concepts
  • Performing Recovery – Part 1
  • Performing Recovery – Part 2
  • RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup
  • Performing Tape Backups and Restores
  • Using Flashback Technologies
  • Using Flashback Database
  • Managing Backup Space or Transporting Data
  • Duplicating a Database
  • RMAN Performance and Tuning
  • Backup and Recovery Workshop
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service : Overview
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Oracle Database 12c Managing Multitenant Architecture (16 Hrs)

  • Introduction
  • Container and Pluggable Database Architecture
  • CDB and PDB Creation
  • Managing a CDB and PDBs
  • Managing Storage in a CDB and PDBs
  • Managing Security in a CDB and PDBs
  • Managing Availability
  • Managing Performance
  • Miscellaneous
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Oracle DBA Certification Exams Chart

Subject Name Exam Code Questions Exam Duration Passing at
12c SQL 1z0-071 73 100 Minutes 63.00%
12c Installation and Administration 1z0-062 67 150 Minutes 67.00%
12c Advanced Administration 1z0-063 80 120 Minutes 60.00%

No. of exam questions, passing percentage and duration may be changed without prior notice by Oracle.

Certificates you earn respectively,

  • Oracle SQL Certified Associates against passing 1z0-071
  • OCA = Passing two exams 1z0-071 and 1z0-062
  • OCP = Passing three exams 1z0-071, 1z0-062 and 1z0-063
 Exam Preparation Support  : ITS offers extensive exam preparation support to all students to secure OCA, OCP or respective certifications. More than 5000+ students and professionals have passed certification exams from ITS

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Vinay Jha
Vinay Jha

12C SQL - 76%

Rahil Kshatriya
Rahil Kshatriya

Oracle 12c SQL : 93%

Vedang Patel
Vedang Patel

Oracle 12c SQL : 73%

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