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Angular JS

Angular JS Training

30-35 Hours

Angular JS Course outline

Introduction to AngularJS Framework

  • Javascript Client Side Framework
  • Single Page Applications
  • Introduction
  • What Is New And Different About AngularJS
  • Model View
  • How You Should Be Thinking About AngularJS
  • HTML5 Use
  • IDE Introduction
  • Editing HTML and Javascript Code

MVC and AngularJS

  • Old way
  • A New and Better way
  • Application Setup
  • Responsive Design Considerations

AngularJS Controllers

  • Initializing the Model with Controllers
  • Adding behavior with Controllers
  • Controller Business Logic
  • Presentation Logic and Formatting Data
  • Form Submission and using Submitted Form data
  • ng-Repeat

AngularJS Views and Bootstrap

  • AngularJS Templates
  • Creating , Viewing and Running Blog Project : Adding Controller and Template
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Adding Styles and Presentation Logic (CSS3)
  • ng-Class, ng-Template, And ng-Include

AngularJS and REST Services

  • Overview of REST Services
  • AngularJS and REST Services together
  • Different ways to create and Communicate with the REST services
  • REST Services and Controllers
  • The JSON Response

AngularJS Models

  • Public REST Services
  • ngModel
  • $Scope.$Watch
  • Changes to the Controllers
  • Model Properties
  • Blog Application Public Services
  • Modifying controllers, App.JS

Services and Business Logic

  • Handling User Authentication
  • Using Basic Authentication
  • Creating AngularJS Services
  • User Credentials: Holding, Checking, Deleting, Retrieving
  • Using the Business Logic

AngularJS Directives

  • What are Directives?
  • HTML Compiler Overview
  • Building and Adding Custom Directives
  • Restrict Option
  • The Template URL and its Attributes
  • Compile And Link Functions
  • Directive Communication Channels

NgModules in Depth

  • NgModules Introduction
  • jsModules vs NgModules
  • Frequently used Modules
  • Roots Modules vs Feature Modules

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Filters : Builtin and Custom Filters
  • Constants and Values
  • Factories
  • Providers
  • Decorators
  • Error Handling
  • Dependency Injection
  • Scope Events and how to call different Events

Routing and Promises

  • Basics of Routing (In Depth Study)
  • Redirects
  • Promises
  • Routing Events

Interview Preparation and Job Assistance

  • Interview Questions Discussions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Tips to crack Interviews
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