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Why Certifications ? OR How certifications help in IT career ?

Many students and professionals asks why they should invest in certification?
From my 16 years experience with Oracle University i have found following 4 solid reasons to have certifications.
1) Certification helps many candidates in positive consideration during technical or hr interview process. (Today, one of our candidate selected at TCS for fresher position where his Java OCA certificate was appreciated. Candidate confirmed that his certification was given attention during his technical interview.
2) Many students are migrating to other countries for higher studies. Our student who enrolled for Course at one of the Canadian University recently was given credit against her DBA certifications as her major was Database related.
3) During campus interview at College, if you have earn certification priorly then, you can have choices to select job in your subject of interest rather then what employer is offering to you. For example, if you have earned Java certification, you can have bright chances to get Java project related assignment instead of .NET.
4) Multinationals and now leading software companies also give priorities to select certified students or professionals to have advantage in technical bid evaluation during tender process. International and government tender bids generally ask for better technical expertise to become qualify for tender / bid.
I have seen many MNCs who do full or partial reimbursement of certification fees to their employees.
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