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Funny / immature Excuses from job seekers (mainly fresher students) having lack of confidence when technical interview to be faced. (These are real experiences and not to hurt anyone feelings)

1) I am not prepared, i need 2-3 days more to appear in interview. Will they postpone my interview for 2-3 days ?

If you are not prepared then why you sent CV to company ? And why are you not prepared ? Who stopped you in preparation ?

2) Company is not proper, This company frequently conduct interviews so i do not feel to appear for interview.
Without knowing company’s in and out or on basis of what you heard from someone, you can not be judge mental. Major employees remain unhappy about company where they
are working hence you may hear unfavorable things, better appear for interview, check work profile and then decide.

3) I am staying out of Ahmedabad hence can not remain present with such a short notice for interview.
Applying date and interview date has always manageable gap. From all over Gujarat you can reach to Ahmedabad within night journey, if you really wish to attend the interview.

4) Starting salary is 10000/- which is very less, Uber drivers are earning more than this per month.
Uber driver will not be able to earn 5,10 to 15 lakhs package per year after 5 to 10 years experience.

5) I am going out of country after 1 year hence can not meet bond requirement from employer.
If VISA is done and date is fixed for departure then this is okay. If departure date is flexible then you are missing experience tag and knowledge gain opportunity
that you are going to get in one year. If VISA is not received or not sure then you are ignoring opportunity.

6) I am getting married after one year.
Everyone is passing through this face. Act like balanced mutual fund.

7) I am going abroad after 6 months.
Nothing new. More than 80% students are planning to go to abroad. You can see GRE, IELTS, Toefl coaching centers on every cross road. You can at least appear for interview to check how are your technical skills. Job experience will help in early settlement abroad.

8) I have family function / Festival holiday on the interview day.
We have Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha bandhan, Diwali, Holi, Bharat Bandh, Strikes etc.. in routine in India but if you do not want to miss opportunity then you have to manage and increase chances to be interviewed.

9) I am well prepared for technical interview but they take aptitude test before technical round.
Major employers have started taking aptitude test to filter best among crowd. Freshers must be prepared for aptitude test any time.

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