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Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 : (RHCSA / RHCE)

RED HAT enterprise linux is more popular across various Linux / Unix flavors and according to sources, Red Hat is the first billion dollar Linux company. Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certifications are evergreen certifications for Linux learners whether they are students or professionals. Red Hat core system administration courses have become more popular, recognized and these skills are always in demand. Red Hat system admin courses are for IT beginners, professionals who want to learn the essential skills for deploying, administering, managing, and securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux. ITS has introduce complete Red Hat system admin course towards RHCSA and RHCE certification and top quality trainers are always a big plus at ITS. ITS always being considered on top of other institute because of extreme care in quality delivery of training and value added placement support services to any of its student.

Redhat Certified System Administration SA – I, Enterprise Linux 6 - 40 hours

Get Started with the GNOME Graphical Desktop , Manage Files Graphically with Nautilus , Get Help in a Graphical Environment , Configure Local Services , Manage Physical Storage I , Manage Logical Volumes , Monitor System Resources , Manage System Software , Get Started with Bash , Get Help in a Textual Environment , Establish Network Connectivity , Administer Users and Groups , Manage Files from the Command Line , Secure Linux File Access , Administer Remote Systems , Configure General Services , Manage Physical Storage II , Install Linux, Graphically , Manage Virtual Machines , Control the Boot Process , Deploy File Sharing Services , Secure Network Services , Comprehensive Review

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Redhat Certified System Administration SA – II, Enterprise Linux 6 - 40 hours

Automated Installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux , Accessing the Command Line Intermediate Command Line Tools , Regular Expressions, Pipelines, and I/O Redirection , Network Configuration and Troubleshooting , Managing Simple Partitions and Filesystems , Managing Flexible Storage with the Logical Volume , Manager (LVM) , Access Network File Sharing Services; NFS and CIFS , Managing User Accounts , Network User Accounts with LDAP , Controlling Access to Files , Managing SELinux , Installing and Managing Software , Managing Installed Services Analyzing and Storing Logs , Managing Processes , Tuning and Maintaining the Kernel , System Recovery Techniques

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Redhat Certified Engineer SA – III, Enterprise Linux 6 - 40 hours

Enhance User Security , Bash Scripting and Tools , File Security with GnuPG , Software Management , Network Monitoring , Route Network Traffic , Secure Network Traffic , NTP Server Configuration , File-systems and Logs , Centralized and Secure Storage , SSL-encapsulated Web Services , Web Server Additional Configuration , Basic SMTP Configuration ,Caching-Only DNS Server , File Sharing with NFS , File Sharing with CIFS File Sharing with FTP , Troubleshooting Boot Process

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Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 Essentials - 15 hours

Linux introduction, History & What is Red Hat Linux, Linux Boot Stages, Basic understanding of GNU, FSF & FOSS, Introduction of various Computer Hardware Architecture & compatibility of RHEL, Introduction & configuration of a Network, IP Address, Netmask, Gateway on a Network Interface., Introduction to Hard Drive Partition Types & File System Concept., Introduction to File Hierarchy Standard (FHS), Graphical installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6x, What is a Shell & how to operate it under Linux, Basic User & Group level administration, Understanding & Applying File/Directory level permission in Linux using UMASK, Identifying various services in Linux, Linux common commands

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Redhat Enterprise Linux Rapidtrack - 40 hours

Installation of Red Hat Linux using various methods, Understanding Red Hat Linux Boot Process, Introduction of Network & Networking, Installation & Configuration of YUM Repositories, Configure various network services, Securing network services with firewall technology, Automating installation of Linux using Kickstart technology, User & Group Administration, Securing Files & implementing file/directory level security, Installing & Controlling various linux services, Managing simple partitions and file systems, Logical Volume Management, Configuring RAID in linux

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Linux for DBA - 25 hours

Kernel Version Information, Linux Startup Sequence, Navigating the File System, Common Linux Commands, Basic File Permissions, Linux Runlevels, Managing Processes, Linux 32bit – 64 bit Combinations, Managing Packages, File Sharing with FTP, Web Server Configuration, Managing Services with chkconfig, The Basics of Bash Shell Scripting, Automating Jobs, Establish Network Connectivity, Administer Remote Systems, Install Linux Graphically, Automated Installations of Linux, Disk Partitioning, Creating the Necessary Linux Users, Creating Oracle Directories, Using the Oracle Universal Installer, Manage Virtual Machines, Secure Network Services, Remote Desktop Connection, Network Configuration and Troubleshooting, System Recovery Techniques

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Redhat Certification Exams Chart


Subject Name Exam Code Questions Exam Duration Passing at
Redhat Certified Server Administration EX-200 20 150 Minutes 70.00%
Redhat Certified Engineer EX-300 20 120 Minutes 70.00%


No. of exam questions, passing percentage and duration may be changed without prior notice by Redhat.
RHCSA = Passing one exam EX-200
RHCE = Passing two exam EX-200 and EX-300


Exam Preparation Support ITS offers extensive exam preparation support to all students to secure RHCSA, RHCE or respective certifications.

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