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Big Data Analytics Workshop

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop and Spark Framework

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop and Spark Framework

Targeted Job Roles

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Application Developer (with Distributed computing and storage capability )


  • Basic Computer Programming Knowledge.
  • Basic Knowledge of Unix File system and Commands.
  • Basic Knowledge of Database.

Big Data and Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

What is Big Data? Definition of Big Data
Why Big Data?
Evolution of Big Data
Market Trends
Types of Data
Big Data and Its Sources
Big Data Use Cases
Why Hadoop is leading tool in current It Industry
Java Essentials for Hadoop Covered
Introduction to Hadoop
History and Milestones of Hadoop
Organizations Using Hadoop
Hadoop Cluster Using Commodity Hardware
Hadoop Architecture
Introduction to Hadoop Release-1,2, &3
Hadoop Daemons
Hadoop installation
How to start and stop the services
Hadoop Architecture Breakdown and various components Overview

HDFS – Distributed File System and MapReduce Programming

What is HDFS
HDFS Characteristics
HDFS Key Features
HDFS Architecture
Regular File System vs. HDFS
How to read and write files
Basic Unix commands for Hadoop
Hadoop FS shell
HDFS Daemons Practical Demo
NameNode Operation
Data Block Split
Benefits of Data Block Approach
HDFS Block Replication Architecture
Replication Method
Data Replication Topology
HDFS Access
Case Study – Demo – HDFS
Setting Up HDFS Block Size
How Map Reduce works as Processing Framework
End to End execution flow of Map Reduce job
Different tasks in Map Reduce job
Combiner and Partitioner
Characteristics of MapReduce
Real-time Uses of MapReduce
Build MapReduce Program, WordCount Demo in Eclipse, Ubuntu Machine
Realtime work with MapReduce
Map Reduce complex scenarios

Hadoop Ecosystem – Hive and Mahout

Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem
Usability and Functionalities of YARN, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, Hadoop Administration, Zookeeper, Ambri
What is Hive?
Why we have Hive when Pig and MR Already there?
Brief History of Hive
Hive Architecture and its components
Hive Metastore and its configuration types
Installing Hive
Hive Query Language (HQL)
Hive vs SQL 8.9 Types of Tables in Hive
HQL Syntax and Practical Demo side by side
Data Types In Hive
Run and Execute Hive queries
Hive query writing and execution
Introduction to Mahout
Mahout Architecture
Demo Mahout Programming

Python Programming and Machine Learning Algorithms

Introduction to python
Conditional Statements
Looping Statements
Control Statements
String Manipulation
Functions and Modules
Reading and Writing Files
Data Frames
Python Pandas
Introduction to Data Mining Algorithms
Introduction Machine Learning Algorithms
List of Python packages for Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms

Spark Framework and Architecture

Introduction to Spark
Introduction to Scala Programming Language
Features of Spark
Spark Vs MapReduce Programming Frameworks
Spark Framework with HDFS
Spark Essentials
Spark Context
Spark Master
RDD – Resilient Distributed Datasets Overview
Spark Transformation
Spark Actions
Spark Architecture and its components
Apache Spark Core
Spark Streaming
MLLib (Machine Learning Library)
Practical Demo using Spark for Spark Streaming, SparkSQL with Python Programming

Spark Components: GraphX, Graphframes and Graph Query

Introduction to Graph
Graph Components
Spark GraphX Components
Introduction to GraphFrames
Graph Algorithms
Graph Queries
Graph Algorithms Vs Graph Queries
Demo Graph Analysis with Spark GraphFrame


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