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“I am having 3+ years experience in “x” job, I am looking for change to ‘Y” job. What should i do ?”
Case Study :
Mahesh (dummy name) is computer engineer and having 3+ years experience in Tech support job and current CTC is 3.6 Lakh. He wants to switch due to following reasons
1) He is working in shift.
2) He does not see growth from this point onward.
3) Work is not challenging and become monotonous.
4) He feels that he does not require BE computer degree for this job.
5) What will be challenges in switching to other better IT job ?
6) He is ready to learn new skills for new job but he can not leave current job due to financial responsibility.
In above scenario what Mahesh can do ?
Think on following
1) Which jobs you are looking at ?
2) Do you have skills required for those jobs ?
3) What is your current CTC in X Job ? What CTC you expect when switch to “y” Job?
4) If you do not switch now what would be your CTC after another 3 to 5 years in same job ?
“Mahesh is thinking in right direction that working in shift in always challenging and not easy so it is one of the most valid reason to switch to regular timing job.
It is seen that in general Tech support jobs can offer @ 5 to 6 lakhs package for 6 to 7 years experience person. Mahesh is having 3 years experience and 3.6 lakh  package. That means if he continue with same job he can expect max 1.4 to 2 lakh as additional pay in next 3 to 4 years which is comparative less than others BE computers are getting with programming or database or analytics or big data experience, so comparison is obvious for positive growth.
He is working in shift and not upgraded to new technical skills for last 3 years and current job do not demand for upgrade. So Mahesh is right that his job is monotonous and not challenging. Tech support jobs do not require exceptional educational or strong IT back ground in major cases.
Main two challenges are on forecast in this scenario while switching,
1) Mahesh’s current job experience of tech support will not be counted for “y” job
2) He may not get same or more package in “y” job without similar experience ?
“Only solution to above all questions are self up gradation, learning new skills for job what Mahesh is aiming at. For this, he should plan and allocate some time on weekdays or in week end for learning with some advance planning along with current shift job to maintain the financial condition. Mahesh has to think that if he is not taking action at this time where he will be landing with current job in future ? Spending another 3 or more years in this job will mentally ruin the Mahesh. Instead giving 3 years to other technology or skills will definitely bring better prospects and more opportunities.”
(Any coincidence with Name – Please excuse)
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