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Oracle Developer Training

ITS is Oracle Authorised WDP Partner, Candidate will get Oracle Official ekits, course completion certificates from Oracle University.
Under Workforce Development program (WDP) of Oracle University in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India, ITS offers Oracle Developer OCP certification. For Oracle Developer OCA, Oracle forms OCP, Oracle Report Developer, Oracle exam vouchers contact +919879558787, +919825306119
Live classroom and Online training options :
Apart from live classroom, ITS offers oracle developer online course with instructor led training.

Oracle Developer Training : (OCA / OCP)

Oracle 11g SQL

(40 hours)

Oracle 11g PL/SQL

(40 hours)

Oracle 10g Forms

(40 hours)

Oracle 10g Reports

(40 hours)
Oracle Developers can get many job roles from following.


  • Pl/SQL Developer
  • BI
  • Analytics
  • Forms and Reports Developer
  • Orale ERP technical
  • Datawarehousing
  • ETL Migration
Student Benefits

  • Oracle License Ekit from Oracle university
  • 25% discount on certification exam (3 Months Validity*)
  • Course completion certificate from Oracle University

Oracle 11g SQL – 40 hours

Select statement
Restricting and sorting data
Single row function
Conditional expressions
Group functions
Joins, Subqueries
Set operators
Manipulating data
DDL to manage tables
User access control
Manage Data dictionary views
large data sets
different time zones
Retrieving data using subqueries
Regular expression support

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Oracle 11g PL/SQL - 40 hours

Introduction to pl/sql
Declaring variables
Interacting with Oracle database server
Sql statements in PL/SQL programs
Writing control statements
Composite data types
Explicit cursors
Handling exceptions
Stored procedures and functions
Creating procedures
Creating functions and debugging subprograms
Creating packages
Working with packages
Use of Oracle supplied packages in application development using dynamic SQL
Design considerations for PL/SQL code
Creating triggers
Creating compound
DDL and Event database triggers
Using PL/SQL compiler
Managing Pl/SQL code
Managing dependencies

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Oracle 11g Forms

Running a Forms Application
Working in the Forms Builder Environment
Creating a Basic Form Module
Creating a Master-Detail Form
Working Data Blocks and Frames
Working with Text Items
Creating LOVs and Editors
Creating Additional Input Items
Creating Noninput Items
Creating Windows and Content Canvases
Working with Other Canvas Types
Producing and Debugging Triggers
Adding Functionality to Items
Displaying Run-Time Messages and Alerts
Using Query Triggers
Validating User Input
Controlling Navigation
Overriding or Supplementing Transaction Processing
Writing Flexible Code
Sharing Objects and Code
Using WebUtil to Interact with the Client
Introducing Multiple Form Applications

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Oracle Reports

Introduction to Oracle Reports Developer
Designing and Running Reports
Working in Oracle Reports Developer
Creating a Paper Report
Enhancing a Basic Paper Report
Managing Report Templates
Creating a Web Report
Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Queries and Groups
Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Data Sources
Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Creating Columns
Enhancing Reports Using the Paper Layout
Controlling the Paper Layout: Common Properties
Controlling the Paper Layout: Specific Properties
Web Reporting, Extending Functionality Using XML
Creating and Using Report Parameters
Embedding a Graph in a Report
Enhancing Matrix Reports

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Oracle Developer Certification Exams Chart


Subject Name Exam Code Questions Exam Duration Passing at
11g SQL 1z0-051 64 120 Minutes 60.00%
11g PL/SQL 1z0-144 63 90 Minutes 65.00%
10g Forms 1z0-141 69 120 Minutes 75.00%


No. of exam questions, passing percentage and duration may be changed without prior notice by Oracle.

OCA = Passing two exams 1z0-051 and 1z0-144

OCP = Passing three exams 1z0-051, 1z0-144 and 1z0-141


Exam Preparation Support ITS offers extensive exam preparation support to all students to secure OCA, OCP or respective certifications. There is more than 97% passing ratio in Oracle exams at ITS

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