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ITS is Oracle Authorized training center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. ITS have expert trainers for Java training, Java certifications and Java projects. ITS Ahmedabad is among the best java classes in Ahmedabad. Java training is available for all SE6/SE7 and SE8 tracks. For Java SE7 and SE8 training details, click on respective tab above.

Live classroom and Online training options :
Apart from live classroom, ITS offers Java online course with instructor led training

Java Web Services

(30 hours)


(16 hours)

Course Overview

Career and Certification Path of Java

Industry Ready Java Developer

Industry Ready Java Developer

The highest demands of interactive Web Programmers, Internet Applications, Web services with JAX-WS, Java 2D Graphics with Xrender and Android Apps are right away increases the demand of Java developers. Software houses to have more Java vacancies as many of the firms are outsourcing their Java development to software development companies. The high-salary demands of Java developers in the western countries will pave the way for IT outsourcing to Asia. . The high sales flow of Android devices has also driven the need of Java developers. Java is the main programming language used to write apps for Android based devices. If you have strong determination, hard work, practice, certifications and real time experience to establish yourself as a professional Java developer, you have hundreds of opportunities to be hired in the industry.


Fundamentals of Java Programming Language, Java SE6 - 40 hours

Explaining Java Technology
Analyzing a Problem and Designing a Solution
Developing and Testing a Java Technology Program
Declaring, Initializing, and Using Variables
Creating and Using Objects
Using Loop Constructs
Developing an Using Methods
Implementing Inheritance

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Java Programming language, Java SE 6 - 40 hours

Object Oriented Programming, Identifiers, Keywords, Types, Expressions and Flow Control, Arrays, Class Design, Advance Class Features, Exceptions, Assertions, Collections, Generics Framework, I/O Fundamentals, Console I/O and File I/O, Building Java GUIs Using the Swing API, Handling GUI-Generated Events, GUI-Based Applications, Threads, Networking

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Developing Applications with Java SE 6 - 40 hours

Introduce the Broker Tool Application
Apply the Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
Implement Unit Testing
Design the Broker Tool Application
Implement the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API
Create Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
Handle GUI Events
Log Messages in GUI
Implement Multiple-Tier Design
Implement Advanced Multiple-Tier Design
Communicate With Remote Objects Using Java RMI

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Web Component development with Servlets and JSPs, Java EE6 - 40 hours

Introduction to Java Servlets
Introduction to Java Server Pages
Implementing an MVC Design
The servlet’s environment
Container facilities for servlets and JSPs
More view facilities
Developing JSP pages
Developing JSP pages using custom tags
More Controller facilities
More options for the Model
Asynchronous web applications
Web application security

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Spring Framework - 30 hours

Introduction to Spring
A first look at Spring, Beans and Containers
The Application Context
Data Validation and Conversion
Aspect-Oriented Programming
Using JDBC with Spring
Using Hibernate with Spring
Spring Web MVC-Part-1
Spring Web MVC-Part-2

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Java WebService - 30 hours

Overview of Web Services
Web Services for JAVA EE
The Simple Object Access Protocol
The Java API for XML Binding
Web Services Description Language
The Java API for XML-Based Web Services
WSDL-to-Java Development
Client Side Development
Java-to-WDSL Development
JAS-WS Best Practices
Provider and Dispatch APIs
The SOAP with Attachments for Java
Message Handlers
EJBs as Web Services
Handling Binary Content

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Struts Framework - 24 hours

Introduction and Features of Struts Framework
Architecture of Struts2
Applying Struts
Struts1 Vs Struts2
Benefits of Struts2
Struts2 Servlet Filter
Interceptors and Actions
Struts2 tags libraries and Configuration files
The Value Stack and OGNL
Results and Result Types
Validation Model
Support of i 18n

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Hibernate - 16 hours

Introduction to Hibernate as ORM
Install and Configure
Hibenate Architecture
Database connections
mapping documents
Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
Catching object
transactions and locking with Hibernate
Working with Hibernate-Standalone Application
Developing servlet based Hibernate Application
JDBC properties overview

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Java Project Training

ITS offer Jave project training to students.
First of all required Java knowledge is delivered to students and on the basis of that Java project is planned.
Students are being supported at each stage of Java project lifecycle.
ITS have 10+ years experience Java architect to look after student project work.

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Student Benefits

  • Java License Ekit from Oracle university
  • 25% discount on certification exam (3 Months Validity*)
  • Course completion certificate from Oracle University

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Java SE6 Certification Exams Chart

Subject Name Exam Code Questions Exam Duration Passing at
OCJA SE6 1z0-850 51 115 Minutes 68.00%
OCJP SE6 1z0-851 60 150 Minutes 61.00%
OCEWCD EE6 1z0-899 57 120 Minutes 61.00%

No. of exam questions, passing percentage and duration may be changed without prior notice by Oracle.

OCA = Passing one exam 1z0-850

OCP = Passing one exam  1z0-851

OCEWCD = OCP + 1z0-899

Exam Preparation Support ITS offers extensive exam preparation support to all students to secure OCA, OCP, OCEWCD or respective certifications. There is more than 97% passing ratio in Oracle exams at ITS

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