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ITS is renowned Oracle University Authorized Training center (WDP) in Ahmedabad. Course structure and contents are designed by Oracle university itself from basics to advance. Training will align to Java certifications to validate participants knowledge.

ITS have expert trainers for Java training, Java certifications and Java projects. Java training is available for all SE7 and SE8 tracks towards OCJA, OCJP, OCEWCD certifications. For Java SE7 and SE8 training details, click on respective tab above.

Live classroom and Online training options :
Apart from live classroom, ITS offers Java online course with instructor led training

JAVA -SE-7- Programmer-I (Course Duration 40 Hours) towards
Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer exam 1z0-803

Introducing the Java Technology
• Relating Java with other languages
• Showing how to download, install, and configure the Java environment on a Windows system.
• Describing the various Java technologies such as Java EE, JavaME, Embedded Java SE
• Describing key features of the technology and the advantages of using Java
• Using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Thinking in Objects
• Defining the problem domain
• Identifying objects and recognizing the criteria for defining objects

Introducing the Java Language
• Defining classes
• Identifying the components of a class
• Creating and using a test class
• Compiling and executing a test program

Working with Primitive Variables
• Declaring and initializing field variables
• Describing primitive data types such as integral, floating point, textual, and logical
• Declaring variables and assigning values
• Using constants
• Using arithmetic operators to modify values

Working with Objects
• Declaring and initializing objects
• Storing objects in memory
• Using object references to manipulate data
• Using JSE javadocs to look up the methods of a class
• Working with String and StringBuilder objects

Using operators and decision constructs
• Using relational and conditional operators
• Testing equality between strings
• Evaluating different conditions in a program and determining the algorithm
• Creating if and if/else constructs
• Nesting and chaining conditional statements
• Using a switch statement

Creating and Using Arrays
• Declaring, instantiating, and initializing a one-dimensional Array
• Declaring, instantiating, and initializing a two-dimensional Array
• Using a for loop to process an Array
• Creating and initializing an ArrayList
• Using the import statement to work with existing Java APIs
• Accessing a value in an Array or and ArrayList
• Using the args Array

Using Loop Constructs
• Creating while loops and nested while loops
• Developing a for loop
• Using ArrayLists with for loops
• Developing a do while loop
• Understanding variable scope

Working with Methods and Method Overloading
• Creating and Invoking a Method
• Passing arguments and returning values
• Creating static methods and variables
• Using modifiers
• Overloading a method

Using Encapsulation and Constructors
• Creating constructors
• Implementing encapsulation

Introducing Advanced Object Oriented Concepts
• Using inheritance
• Using types of polymorphism such as overloading, overriding, and dynamic binding
• Working with superclasses and subclasses
• Adding abstraction to your analysis and design
• Understanding the purpose of Java interfaces
• Creating and implementing a Java interface

Handling Errors
• Understanding the different kinds of errors that can occur and how they are handled in Java
• Understanding the different kinds of Exceptions in Java
• Using Javadocs to research the Exceptions thrown by the methods of foundation classes
• Writing code to handle Exceptions

The Big Picture
• Creating packages and JAR files for deployment using java
• Two and three tier architectures
• Looking at some Java applications examples

Exam details :
Exam Code : 1z0-803 – Java SE 7 Programmer -I
Exam duration : 150 minutes
Questions : 70
Passing Score : 63%


Java SE 7 Programmer – II (Course Duration 40 Hours)
Oracle Certified Programmer – Java SE 7 (1Z0-804)

Course Topics

Java Platform Overview
• Introductions
• Course Schedule
• Java Overview
• Java Platforms
• OpenJDK
• Licensing
• Java in Server Environments
• The Java Community Process

Java Syntax and Class Review
• Simple Java classes
• Java fields, constructors and methods
• Model objects using Java classes
• Package and import statements

Encapsulation and Polymorphism
• Encapsulation in Java class design
• Model business problems with Java classes
• Immutability
• Subclassing
• Overloading methods
• Variable argument methods

Java Class Design
• Access modifiers: private, protected and public
• Method overriding
• Constructor overloading
• The instanceof operator
• Virtual method invocation
• Polymorphism
• Casting object references
• Overriding Object methods

Advanced Class Design
• Abstract classes and type generalization
• The static and final modifiers
• Field modifier best practices
• The Singleton design pattern
• Designing abstract classes
• Nested classes
• Enumerated types

Inheritance with Java Interfaces
• Java Interfaces
• Types of Inheritance
• Object composition and method delegation
• Implementing multiple interfaces
• The DAO design pattern

Generics and Collections
• Generic classes and type parameters
• Type inference (diamond)
• Collections and generics
• List, set and Map
• Stack and Deque

String processing
• String manipulation with StringBuilder and StringBuffer
• Essential String methods
• Text parsing in Java
• Input processing with Scanner
• Text output and formatting
• Regular expressions with the Pattern and Matcher classes

Exceptions and Assertions
• Exceptions categories
• Standard Java Exception classes
• Creating your own Exception classes
• Using try-catch and the finally clause
• Using try-with-resources and the AutoCloseable interface
• The multi-catch feature
• Best practices using exceptions
• Assertions

I/O Fundamentals
• I/O using Java
• Reading the console input stream
• Writing to the console
• Using I/O Streams
• Chaining I/O Streams
• Channel I/O
• Reading and writing objects using Serialization

File I/O with NIO 2
• The Path interface
• The Files class
• Directory and File operations
• Managing file system attributes
• Reading, writing, and creating files
• Watching for file system changes

• Operating system task scheduling
• Recognizing multi-threaded environments
• Creating multi-threaded solutions
• Sharing data across threads
• Synchronization and Deadlock
• Immutable objects

• Creating Atomic variables
• Using Read-Write Locks
• Thread-safe collections
• Concurrenct synchronizers (Semaphore, Phaser, and others)
• Executors and ThreadPools to concurrently schedule tasks
• Parallelism and the Fork-Join framework

Database Application with JDBC
• Layout of the JDBC API
• JDBC divers
• Queries and results
• PreparedStatement and CallableStatement
• Transactions
• RowSet 1.1 RowSetProvider and RowSetFactory
• The DAO Pattern and JDBC

• Advantages of localization
• Defining locale
• Read and set locale using the Locale object
• Resource bundles
• Format messages, dates and numbers

Exam Details
Exam Code : 1z0-804 – Java SE 7 Programmer -II
Exam duration : 150 minutes
Questions : 65
Passing Score : 65%
Format : Multiple Choice

(No. of questions, duration and passing score may be change by Oracle without prior notice)

Student Benefits

  • Java License Ekit from Oracle university
  • 25% discount on certification exam (3 Months Validity*)
  • Course completion certificate from Oracle University

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Java SE7 Certification Exams Chart

Subject Name Exam Code Questions Exam Duration Passing at
OCJA SE7 1z0-803 70 150 Minutes 63.00%
OCJP SE7 1z0-804 65 150 Minutes 65.00%
OCEWCD EE6 1z0-899 57 120 Minutes 64.00%

No. of exam questions, passing percentage and duration may be changed without prior notice by Oracle.

OCA = Passing one exam 1z0-803

OCP = Passing two exam  1z0-803 + 1z0-804

OCEWCD = OCP + 1z0-899

Exam Preparation Support ITS offers extensive exam preparation support to all students to secure OCA, OCP, OCEWCD or respective certifications. There is more than 97% passing ratio in Oracle exams at ITS

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