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Computer courses for school students


Computer Courses for School Students (IGCSE, CBSE, Gujarat Board)

(School Syllabus)

At ITS, We offer training on computer syllabus of school of any Board (IGCSE,  ICSE, CBSE, Gujarat Board).

Importance of computer education of school syllabus, has gradually realized by Parents in Gujarat. Computer subjects of school syllabus can not be ignored. Generally parents and students ignore computer syllabus during school and choose subject like Physical education in board exam due to high scoring subject. Hence “C” programming which comes in 9th or 10th standard syllabus of Gujarat board learnt by students later when they do graduation. Gujarati parents have to change their perspective of marks but have to choose right education for future prospects.

Advantages if computer syllabus of school is learnt properly.

1) Foundation : Computer syllabus of school gives you foundation for future career prospects irrespective of discipline or branch you pursue later.

2) Application of IT knowledge : Almost all jobs or business now are now IT enabled. Computer learning is not just restricted to computer science or information technology diploma, degree courses, but integrated with all engineering, Research, Retail, Logistic, Realty, Banking, Finance, Aviation, FMCG, Manufacturing OR any other field you name it.

3) Help in interest Check and hence Goal Establishment : We have seen that major students remain confused about future career and not able to decide what they want to do. This can be overcome if students find their interest. To find the interest, every student has to study foundation courses in computers and confirm with self that which subject they really like. For example, in a 10th standard, students come across many subject like physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Biology etc. If they like Biology they choose “B” group and if they like Mathematics, they choose “A” group. Similarly in IT or Computer it is not possible to master all subjects but one has to find his subject of interest. 8th to 12th standard school computer syllabus has many different topics from operating system, RDBMS, Programming etc. Students has to carefully learn school syllabus and has to find his interest before they join 1st semester of college. And from beginning of college he has to deep dive into subject of interest to have admission in better college for masters or to have a job in a good company. This is one of the major important factor about why 8th to 12th standard computer syllabus should not be ignored.

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