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Going for BS in computer science to USA, Canada, Australia?

Number of students are increasing to pursue computer graduation abroad. For computer / information technology USA, Canada, Australia are among favorite countries for Bachelors as well as masters programs across students communities in India. Many students approaches us to verify which course contents are good to get them right decision to enroll and to choose right college or university in USA, Canada or Australia for computer science. In a BS computer science, parents must check contents of the course not only college or university name while taking final decision.  We have observed that initial 4 semesters are including Basic Programming (C), Object oriented programming (C++, Python) , Relational Database (SQL), Scripting (Java script), Java fundamentals kind of subjects. Out of 8 semester of BS program, first 4 semesters have nothing extraordinary to learn but, if you think value of investment you realize that you are paying almost 25 lakhs to 50 lakhs Rupees for these first 4 semesters. Point to understand here is, when you invest @ 50 Lakhs for first 4 semesters fees, have your son or daughter done enough foundation preparation to understand and digest what these foreign universities are going to taught before getting admitted ? Generally answer is big NO.  Irrespective of school or education board, major parents do not emphasis on computer courses during higher secondary education for their children. If students are well prepared or have gone through these courses during higher secondary education along with other school subjects, will be very much confident to kick start their graduation without any problem of understanding and can easily settle down abroad. One can not neglect value of...